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My SF Book Club recently read Updraft, a first novel by local author Fran Wilde. It's a dystopian novel where people live in towers in the clouds and use constructed wings to fly between them. The main character is a teenage girl with a special power over the hideous flying invisible monsters that attack the people in the towers. She ends up discovering all kinds of secrets held by the mysterious Seekers who control the towers and engage in ritual human sacrifice and frequent duels to the death. I found the premise to be quite interesting, but the execution left a lot to be desired. First off, I did not like any of the characters. By the end of the novel, I could not have cared less as to who lived and who died. This was in part due to the structure of their society where no one could attach or bond well since one could die at a moment's notice. Second, while the world was presented as internally consistent, it made no sense in terms of actual physics. Had they attributed everything to magic, it would have been easier to accept, but since they did not, I kept thinking about how the flying could work, etc. Third, the economy of the world made little sense. Traders were described as flying amongst towers to exchange rare goods. But since no one ever went below the clouds, it was not clear where goods came from or how they were grown. In balance, I found the writing to be compelling and I wanted to know what would happen next. Overall, the group thought that this had some interesting ideas, but was plagued with first novel type problems. I'm curious to read the sequel, but I am not rushing out to buy it.
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Last summer, I had a long saga of trying to get my A/C fixed (with about ten service visits), which ended up with my replacing the entire system. Last week during the heat wave, I turned it on and discovered that it was not working properly. Today I had the A/C guys here and they seem to have fixed it by rebalancing the charge and the fluids and giving it a tune up. This is the last thing I needed to deal with during finals week.
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Went to the SF Book Club meeting, which I haven't been to in quite a while. It's now held in Main Point Books in Wayne, which is a welcoming and cozy venue. We discussed Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett, and everyone there had enjoyed it. We found it fascinating to see elements of their later works within it.

Part of what motivated me to go was my annoyance at Barnes & Noble removing their new book sections and simply shelving them within their categories. Since I mainly went there to find new books, I now have far less reason to shop with them as opposed to independent book stores or online.


Apr. 15th, 2017 11:32 pm
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Finally joined Dreamwidth following the change in LJ's terms of service. Looking forward to finding many of my friends here. Is there a way to import my LJ posts?
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Best wishes for a happy and a healthy year filled with encounters with sexy SF media stars!!!
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Saw Man of Steel tonight and truly disliked it. In an effort to update the story for today's audience, they glorified many of the things that I find unpalatable in comics today (e.g., excessive violence, questionable morality, ridiculous plotting) and effectively gutted the heart of what makes Superman a hero. Yes, Henry Cavill looked great in the suit and there was a strong cast, but I felt that the dialogue was clunky and the script was inconsistent and caused the characters to do things that they simply would not do. I did not feel that there was an inspirational moment in the entire movie, and so for me, this was not Superman.
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Which Doctor who Companion are you?
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Which Doctor who Companion are you?
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After watching all those cooking shows, I realized that there really are a large number of different types of animals that we can eat. So I've made a list and I'm curious as to which ones you've tried. The meats I've tried are in bold:

Cornish Hen
Sea Bass
Sea Urchin
Wild Boar
Other (describe in comments)
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Saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! An hilarious mix of romantic comedy, comic books, and video games, it had me laughing throughout. They played it so over the top and yet it had a sweet center to it. Two thumbs up from me!!
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I took my big orange cat Chester to the vet this week and we discovered a cyst on his right hindleg during his check up. Light microscopy of the biopsy revealed oddly shaped cells with prominent nucleoli (indicative of cell division). Cysts are usually benign, but the odd biopsy result prompted the vet to recommend surgery to remove it. So we're scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 12th. I'm surprised that I hadn't noticed it on my own, but on the other hand, I rarely pet his hindleg. He has no other symptoms, and is in very good health for a 10 year old cat. He has lost a pound since his last year's check up, but at 15.2 pounds, the vet says that's nothing to worry about. I'm going to have his teeth cleaned while he's under as preventative maintenance as well. I was feeling like a bad cat daddy because I scheduled his surgery in two weeks to better fit my schedule, rather than right away, but the vet said that it was not an emergency, so I am becoming ok with that. Of course, now I will be hypervigilant about everything he does before the surgery, but I will also give both him and Sawyer lots of love.
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I only saw a few movies in the theaters in 2009:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Star Trek
Pop Star on Ice
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I enjoyed each of them, but I have only bought Watchmen on DVD and will probably buy Harry Potter, Wolverine, and maybe Star Trek. The others were fun, but I don't necessarily need to see them again. I am looking forward to renting Julie and Julia when it comes out and I may go see Sherlock Holmes. Consequently, I am not very well prepared for the Oscars, but then again, I often don't see the nominated movies until I can rent them.
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Finally saw the remake of Fame this weekend. The original remains one of my favorite movies. It told the story of artistically talented kids attending the High School of Performing Arts and grappling with all sorts of coming of age issues. It dealt honestly with teenage sexuality (and I saw it at the time I was exploring similar issues) and had wonderful performances and memorable music. The remake told a similar story, but by virtue of not spending enough time with each character, lacked the emotional depth of the original. The performances were entertaining, but I didn't find the music particularly memorable (except for the new version of Out Here on My Own). The teachers were wonderfully portrayed (thank you Kelsey Grammer, Bebe Neuwirth, Megan Mullaly, Charles S Dutton, and Debbie Allen as the Principal). The students each had promise, but their various storylines were handled so superficially that it just didn't resonate for me. I believe that the male ballet dancer was supposed to have the gay storyline, but that was never developed. Most of the student storylines were not satisfactorily resolved - are we supposed to believe that the angry black kid is now well adjusted because he could express himself in his music? or that the talented singer with the need to express herself despite her father's controlling expectations is now fully self actualized? Various scenes from the original were redone in this movie (for example, the hot lunch jam, the Rocky Horror-esque dressing room, the stepping in front of the subway scene), but none of them really added anything new to it. It was fun to see the So You Think You Can Dance alumna perform, but her storyline was even more painful to watch than some of the others. All in all, it was entertaining for the performances, bit not a must see.
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Happy Birthday to my beloved [profile] puzzld1!!!


Jul. 26th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Last night, we tried the game Dominion. It was fairly easy to learn, although we took a little while to grasp how they were using the "Discard" pile and the "Deck." We played the Intro game and then played it again, much more quickly as we had gotten the hang of it. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. Given all the different combinations, it appears that the game can be replayed in interesting ways. The mix of cards created some intriguing effects - one of my friends was able to chain 12 actions together in one turn! I think this is a winner, although probably more for gamer geeks rather than social gamers.
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Thanks to for the link.


Jun. 5th, 2009 08:28 pm
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After turning in my grades for everyone except the grad students (whose essays I have still to grade), I decided to visit my former roommate [profile] moltvikh and his partner Paul in Portland, OR. I had never been to Portland and he had a few weeks left before he was going to start his new career in nursing school, so it was the ideal time to visit (plus it meant that I would be away during the chaos of the Manayunk Bike Race, which is right near my house). It also meant that I would miss the Swarthmore Alumni Weekend, but as it turns out, I'm going to have my own Swarthmore reunion with several folks while I'm out here! The plan is for us to have dinner with [personal profile] hhw tonight, and drive to Seattle tomorrow to see [profile] syndicatedebby and [profile] jhp64 and their kids and also Ellie, her partner and their daughter. [profile] moltvikh and I will stay overnight so that we can more easily visit Mount St Helens on Sunday. Since I've never been to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, I'm happy to just roam around, visit folks, and sightsee. Today, I went to the Chinese Garden in Portland and it was beautiful and relaxing. We took a guided tour and learned all about the architecture and the plants. I highly recommend it. We had tea and mooncake there (they have an enormous selection of all kinds of teas). Then we visited Powell's Books, which was amazing! It's a bookstore that spans an entire city block. I was in heaven. So, I am enjoying vacation, and have even made friends with [profile] moltvikh's dog, Pedro (who is a cross between a pit bull and a German shepard). Fortunately, I have good animal mojo and we have gotten along. I'm looking forward to a bit of fun and downtime, since I've been very fried from work. Now to relax!
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Saw it tonight with [profile] defenestr8tor and liked it a great deal...

Snickty Goodness )

Picked up the Wolverine special from Free Comic Book Day in honor of the film!
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LOL! I thought this was brilliant! And well performed, too! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] trektone for finding this.


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