Jun. 5th, 2009 08:28 pm
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After turning in my grades for everyone except the grad students (whose essays I have still to grade), I decided to visit my former roommate [profile] moltvikh and his partner Paul in Portland, OR. I had never been to Portland and he had a few weeks left before he was going to start his new career in nursing school, so it was the ideal time to visit (plus it meant that I would be away during the chaos of the Manayunk Bike Race, which is right near my house). It also meant that I would miss the Swarthmore Alumni Weekend, but as it turns out, I'm going to have my own Swarthmore reunion with several folks while I'm out here! The plan is for us to have dinner with [personal profile] hhw tonight, and drive to Seattle tomorrow to see [profile] syndicatedebby and [profile] jhp64 and their kids and also Ellie, her partner and their daughter. [profile] moltvikh and I will stay overnight so that we can more easily visit Mount St Helens on Sunday. Since I've never been to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, I'm happy to just roam around, visit folks, and sightsee. Today, I went to the Chinese Garden in Portland and it was beautiful and relaxing. We took a guided tour and learned all about the architecture and the plants. I highly recommend it. We had tea and mooncake there (they have an enormous selection of all kinds of teas). Then we visited Powell's Books, which was amazing! It's a bookstore that spans an entire city block. I was in heaven. So, I am enjoying vacation, and have even made friends with [profile] moltvikh's dog, Pedro (who is a cross between a pit bull and a German shepard). Fortunately, I have good animal mojo and we have gotten along. I'm looking forward to a bit of fun and downtime, since I've been very fried from work. Now to relax!
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Last weekend was Swarthmore's Alumni weekend. it wasn't my class' year to get together, but since I knew many people across the classes and the sci-fi club that I used to be part of always has a gaming/hang out room, I went up for the day on Saturday. I was delighted to see [profile] dwvanstone and his handsome beau, [personal profile] eclectic_boy, who arranged for a yummy BBQ, my former housemates [profile] grr_plus1 and [personal profile] ruthling, the lovely [profile] metasilk with pictures of her son, [personal profile] mst3kforall who is actually in my class, [profile] nutmegger and his lovely wife, [personal profile] jedediah who is New Jed to my Jed Classic, and [profile] syndicatedebby sans [profile] jhp64 who was home with the kids. In addition, I hung out with a number of folk who don't have blogs such as Jim H., Anne M., David SG, Neil O, Sylvia W., and Jay S. It was good to see everyone and recapture memories and reaffirm the camaraderie we had all shared during our college years and beyond.

In the gaming room, I got to watch two games that I had heard of but had not seen. Transamerica looked like it was easy to learn and kind of fun, but did not seem to require much complex strategy. Order of the Stick looked overly involved with too many rules and modifiers, but definitely captured the spirit of the webcomic. I think it would be more fun if everyone actually knew the basics of how to play (which did not seem to be all that intuitive).

In the midst of the heat, I drove over to see [personal profile] blueflamedfire and [profile] cuddlebunni3 to drop off stuff for June Pride. My brother had invited me up for a family visit on Sunday, so I decided to do that instead. It was fun to see them and I look forward to seeing their new place. Sunday also turned out well with the rambunctious nephews telling me that they wished that I lived with them all the time (melt). Of course, my brother pointed out that he and I had lived together growing up for quite awhile and that we were both much happier to no longer do so. In any event, the weekend was very centering for me with prepared me to face another week at work.
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I've been working on repainting my bathroom, which seems like a never ending project. This week, I patched a number of the divots in the wall, recoated everything with primer, located the paint that I had bought almost three years ago, and put on a coat. The good news is that I still like the icy blue color. The bad news is that it needs another coat. Sigh. Someday, I will finish this project, I just hope I can get it done sooner than later. I'm pretty tired of it.

My cats have been pretty mellow since I started the Feliway, although they have still had several bouts of hissing, it seems like their much less into it than they used to be. They have been able to sit close enough to each other that I can pet them both. So it is definitely making an impact, slowly but steadily.

I got together with several friends last night and we watched The Lion in Winter. It's an awesome movie with Katharine Hepburn, Peter O'Toole, and a young Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton. It was fun to see it again. I had worked on the play when I was in college with my dear friend Jack, who has since died, and so I had weird dreams last night remembering him.

The Swarthmore Alumni group in Philly is having a BBQ nearby this afternoon and I think I'll stop by and see if I know anyone there.

I am so not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. I can see that I will be spending all week catching up from having been away.
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I'm still here at work, waiting for my grad students to finish their Med Neuro essay exam. I gave them a choice of answering 4 out of 7 questions and have set a limit of 4 hours for the exam, which I told them I expect should take 2 hours. It's 3 hours and counting and they are still at it... I will be grading their essays all next week - I can't wait. Meantime, I'm at my desk working on a manuscript that has been in progress for the last 4 years and trying to finesse my way around the various experimental design problems that I inherited as part of this experiment. So I'm suffering along with my students :-)

It's my 20th year college reunion weekend. I had stopped by last night and attended a lecture by my Chemistry professor, who had started the same year as I had. Now I finally understand what he's been doing all these years. I told him afterwards that I still admire his teaching style and that I have tried to incorporate elements of it into my own style. He was very pleased to hear that. Sitting in the lecture hall with several of my chemistry classmates really brought back memories. The outdoor gathering was driven indoors by the torrential rain. I hung out with a number of my classmates for the rest of evening and enjoyed catching up with folks. Several members of my class have died and we remembered them. Many of my classmates have kids, who were in attendance. Circle of life. I plan to return this evening for the class dinner and more festivities.


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