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I feel like I never quite woke up today. I came home early and took a nap (complete with purring cat on my chest) and that helped a bit. I had a nap yesterday, too. I almost never nap unless I'm sick. I don't feel sick, but my sinuses have been acting up, so maybe it's allergies. Or it's the stress from meeting all the deadlines at work. I've been teaching a lot this week. I have an early morning lecture tomorrow on a topic that I haven't quite figured out how to enjoy doing. Oh well, I'll work it out. I agreed to give a final exam on the next Saturday, rather than on the Monday, but I may rethink that depending on what I decide to do that weekend (20th College reunion? Wizard World? visit nephews?)

My typical day at work now has lines of students, staff, collaborators, etc trying to meet with me. It's gotten almost comical. I was called out of one meeting to address a problem down the hall and on my way back encountered three people that needed to see me and received a phone call from the office while I was telling them I couldn't talk just now. I told each of the people to come back at specific times, took a message, and returned to my original meeting. I'm taking multitasking to a new level and it is exhausting.

I did try to relax some at square dancing tonight. We had about 20 people there with good energy and good dancing so that worked out pretty well. I had fun, but was still tired, so I came home and watched American Idol. Since it was the final two, I decided to vote for the first time. I voted for Taylor, because I thought that he gave a much more polished set of performances. Any of the top four could have won this time around. I'm so pathetic. I'm actually looking forward to Idol's sister show, So You Think You Can Dance? (I know, I know. It's too late for me. Save yourselves from Reality TV!) I think I'll take some more allergy meds, read for a bit, and try to get some more sleep.


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