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I'm officially tired of being sick. I've just started by second round of antibiotics and am definitely feeling better, but not 100%. I'm frustrated that I cannot breathe well enough to do cardio at the gym. Hopefully, this time the drugs will clear things up. Regardless, I plan to go to yoga tomorrow and do what I can.

In order to get myself out of the house, I decided to run some errands and was gratified by finding more than I expected to. First stop was Homo Despot in order to pick up the new energy saving lightbulbs. This was very satisfying because I've had two lights out for the last week and a half and no bulbs to replace them! The new bulbs work great and are supposed to save a noticeable amount of energy. I also bought 9 volt batteries to replace the ones in my smoke alarms. And I finally bought a mailbox! Since I moved into the house 4 years ago, the postman has been delivering mail inbetween the screen door and front door. That's actually how many people on my block receive mail, but I figured it was time to put up and actual mailbox and randomly found a nice one. Now all I need to do is to borrow a friend with a drill in order to put it up.

Next stop was Linens and Things where I found a heavy duty mildew resistant shower liner. I definitely needed this. Nuff said. To my surprise, I also found that they had a reasonably priced beard trimmer. This was great since mine had died a few months ago and I was tired of trimming with scissors. I also bought a gift card as a present for my grad student who got married this weekend.

Then I went to Trader Joes and stocked up on yummy food. They were having a tasting of Korean spiced beef and vegetable fried rice. Score! I bought some for dinner tonight. Finally, I walked over to Staples to buy a set of colored index cards. This is for my new home improvement plan - I am going to write down all the things I want to do with the house on the cards and use colors to denote various rooms. Then I will pull out a card every week and make that the thing I do for the house that day. On my way out, I asked them if they sold postage stamps as I had been paying bills earlier and had run out. They did! So I am very very pleased with all I accomplished today with my errands.
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I was wiped out today from the changes in the weather affecting my sinuses. I couldn't concentrate on much at work and so spent most of my day meeting with my staff and students about their work. Then I came home and crashed in front of the TV. I vegged with the latest episodes of SYTYCD and Top Chef and I finished rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I had wanted to see how things had been changed to make the movie, and I must say, I agree with every single departure from the book). My cats have been very snuggly with me tonight (I think that they found an old catnip toy that still had some oomph left in it).

In their honor, I found a new icon. I've named it "Nermal" :-)
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Last night, [profile] puzzld1 and I had a lovely dinner at Pod, the mod japanese fusion restaurant in West Philly. It was wonderful!!! We had a tuna karpachio, a cooked salmon roll with fruit and an interesting salad with roe, wild mushroom dumplings, and cooked sea bass with snow peas and an amazing mashed sweet potato. Everything was top notch. For dessert, we had the fondue sampling platter which was three tiers of yummy treats to dip into a raspberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce. It was decadent and heavenly!!!

Unfortunately, later in the evening the weather changed and my sinuses gave me major grief. I was up until 4:00am until finally enough meds allowed me to sleep. I'm working from home today as I don't want to aggravate things with rat dander from the lab.

Being home, I got to watch the first episode of Project Runway Season 3 which is my favorite reality show, just in front of So You Think You Can Dance? and Survivor. While I don't really care about fashion, I love the true talent and creativity that the designers must bring to the plate and I enjoy hearing them discuss their creative process. This season is filled with a number of talented characters and it's too early for me to pick a favorite. I also really like that Heidi Klum is not just a pretty face here, but a major force behind the show. Tim Gunn is amazing and spot on with his critiques. The judges are sometimes off the wall, but in general they do know what they are doing and Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have become a welcome part of my overall enjoyment of the show.
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I didn't get much sleep last night as I woke up with much lower GI unpleasantness. I've had to cancel a visit with my nephews and spend my last day of vacation at home, where I am preparing to give the graduate student Qualifying Exams tomorrow, starting at 8:00am. I cannot reschedule them, so I'm gonna have to get through it. I could ask the committee to proceed without me, but I will wait and see how I'm doing later on before making that decision. This sucks!


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