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Which Doctor who Companion are you?
Your Result: Mickey Smith

resultYou are Mickey Smith! Your very sweet and kind and at the begining not very looking forward to the danger of being with the doctor. But eventually the adventure excites you. Your great with technology and can hack into any computer system!

Rose Tyler
Sarah Jane Smith
Jack Harkness
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Jackie Tyler
Which Doctor who Companion are you?
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The new season of Heroes premiered tonight...

Beware: Spoilers Within )

Day Tripper

Aug. 2nd, 2008 02:56 pm
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On Thursday, I went to NYC to spend the day with my friend [profile] moltvikh, who was visiting NYC on his own for a few days. I drove to Trenton and took NY Transit to Penn Station. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to name Newark's stop Penn Station, too, should have their head slapped. I almost got off there, but quickly realized that I was not in New York. I made it there by 1:00 and due to the magic of cell phones, [profile] moltvikh and I met at the station. If I remember correctly, in the days before cell phones, we would have specified a meeting place; but I admit, it was loads easier this way. We had lunch at a Jewish deli named Ben's. I had an authentic corned beef on rye with spicy mustard and it was wonderful ! (If anyone remembers, that was what Captain Sheridan was poisoned with in the torture episode of Babylon 5, and thinking of that makes me enjoy the sandwich all the more :-)

Since we were in the Fashion District, I decided that we should take an impromptu tour of the locations for Project Runway. So we walked by Parsons School of Fashion and Design, we stopped in Bryant Park, and we went to Mood, where they often buy their materials. Mood is located on the third floor of a large building, and access is by an old fashioned elevator, complete with an operator. There is a poster of Heidi Klum introducing the show on the door, but other than that, there were no other touches from the show. It turned out that the store has three floors and is basically wall to wall fabrics, with one floor dedicated to upholstery. The aisles were not wide, and it is hard to imagine how they maneuver the cameras and lights to film the designers selecting fabrics for the show. In any event, it was fun to see where the magic happens!

Next we went to the Whitney museum of contemporary art, where they had a display on Buckminster Fuller. They had is specially designed car in a showroom, and models of his ideas for houses and the geodesic dome. There was a whole display on how he developed the mercatur projection map. It was much more interesting than I would have expected. Also in the museum was a gallery of Maplethorpe's early Polaroid photos, where one could see that he was exploring elements of lighting, subject matter, and composition that appear in his later work. There was also a room of moving architectural art, the idea being that one expects architecture to be stable, so having it move challenges one's expectations in a disturbing manner. It certainly did. There was a floor platform with four walls that swung away from the base and each had a door that opened and shut with a bang! I felt sorry for the poor attendants who had to stand there all day listening to the commotion. The regular collection had some interesting pieces, including some paintings by Hopper, that I now recognized after having seen his exhibit in the National Gallery last Fall. This was all very cool to see with [profile] moltvikh, now that he has been studying art.

We walked through Central Park and had dinner at a Vietnamese/Thai/Asian fusion place, which was quite yummy, hung out for awhile more talking and catching up, and then I caught the train home. I had a fun time, and I'm delighted that the timing worked out so that we could both be there together.
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My TV viewing this season seems to split between Reality Shows and Sci-Fi. Here's what's on my DVR:

Reality Shows:
1. Survivor: Micronesia - I still really enjoy this show. The man vs nature and tribal interpersonal dynamics continue to appeal to me. This season, they are doing fans vs favorites. It's been an interesting twist, although I confess that none of the fans hold much appeal for me, whereas I like all the favorites. I'm rooting for Cirie for the win (even though she masterminded the ousting of my beloved Yao-Man (he's on my Icon)).

2. Top Chef: Chicago - This show has really hit its stride with interesting challenges and highly talented cheftestants. The creativity and time management are being well highlighted on this season. My final three are Stephanie, Lisa, and Richard (although Lisa might not make it if Dale or Jen can be more consistent).

3. Step It Up and Dance - This is a new Bravo show that features professional dancers doing group challenges. Interesting, although none of the dancers shine with their personalities, yet.

4. Dancing With the Stars - Love Love Love this over the top show! Kristi Yamaguchi for the win!!! Kudos to Marlee Matlin who has also been doing a phenomenal job.

5. America's Next Top Model - I enjoy seeing the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with modeling. The photo shoots remain very creative and the models are always interesting characters. Whitney is my favorite.

1. Torchwood - I'm still a huge fan of Captain Jack. I like the emotionally wounded characters. The plots often have holes, but work out in satisfying ways. I was very saddened by the season finale and look forward to what they can do for season three.

2. Doctor Who - David Tennant has finally convinced me that he is The Doctor (I though Chris Eccelston was fantastic). I still miss Rose and am looking forward to the new season.

3. Smallville - I started watching it again this season because of all the superhero guest stars. It's still Kal El's Creek, but it's become more interesting than the first few seasons.

4. Moonlight - It's a pale imitation of Forever Night, but still fun to watch.

5. Lost - I keep taping it, but not watching it. I think this means that I am just not that interested in watching the show, although I am curious as to what will happen.

Looking forward to the return of Heroes!
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Top 11 Lesbian/Bi moments in F&SF - How cool is that?



Mar. 28th, 2006 12:21 pm
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I had a fun weekend attending I-CON, the SF convention in Stony Brook, NY on Long Island. I was invited to be a science track guest by [profile] schnuder and had a lot of fun being on panels. I drove up with my good friend, L. and roomed with him and [personal profile] esprix and [profile] pinoyboytoy, who I finally got to meet. We stayed at a Holiday Inn that was a 20 min drive from the con, which was held all over Stony Brook University's campus. It was an unusal set up given my con experiences and it took some getting used to. There were over 5000 attendees, mostly college age fen. I felt distinctly "older" wearing my sports jacket and presenting in a classroom, but I had fun. I met a number of the media guests - I got to spend a few minutes with George Takei, who wanted to set the record straight (so to speak) that the reason that he had come out when he did was in direct opposition to Arnold not signing the CA Marriage Act, and not because he was starring in a production of Equus. He had spent his childhood in a Japanese interment camp and equated coming out about his sexuality to coming out about that experience. He was delighted to know that queer fandom had fully embraced him before and supported him even more now that he has gone public. Kevin Sorbo did a Q&A and talked about working as a Presidential Advisor on Physical Fitness. If I had gotten up earlier, I could have worked out in the hotel gym with him - on second thought, that would have probably been way too intimidating! Marc Singer, the Beastmaster, was there and seemed delighted that anyone still remembered him. Ron Glass was there getting his first taste of SF fandom for his role is Serenity. He said that this response was way more exciting than his experience on Barney Miller. Other media guests who I saw in passing included Elvira, Richard Hatch, and Marjean Holden from Crusade. Author guests included Terry Brooks, Spider Robinson, and Peter David.

Oops, gotta go work. More later...


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