RIP Taki

Apr. 7th, 2009 01:06 am
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Drexel's President Constantine Papadakis (Taki for short) died on Sunday from complications from lung cancer. He had taken a leave of absence on Friday, but apparently it was too late. He had been President of Drexel for 13 years and had presided over the acquisition of the medical school where I work. He did a lot to put Drexel on the map. An Acting President has been appointed by the Board and we'll see what happens after that. Rest in peace, Taki.

Sad news

Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:07 am
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Jan's cat Loki continued to have difficulty breathing and was not helped by the various treatments. He developed some neurological signs and stopped giving the impression that he was all there. So Jan made the hardest decision a pet owner has to make this morning. Loki was a beautiful but weird little cat with boundless energy. He was a force of destruction and definitely lived up to his name. Loki had been lovingly selected by Jan and his partner, before his partner passed away. I'm afraid that Jan is going to take this extra hard because of that connection. Jan is exhausted and taking today off from work. I will be happy to send him your hugs.
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Robert Asprin, author of the wonderful MythAdventures books and Thieves World, which popularized the 'shared world' concept of writing SF collections, died yesterday. He will be missed.

Gary Gygax

Mar. 4th, 2008 05:49 pm
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E. Gary Gygax, one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons, died of a heart attack today. His creation has given me many hours of enjoyment and spawned the popularity of role plaing games. He will be missed.

ETA: His passing seems to be bringing out a lot of geeky gallows humor and I'm ok with that. My brother just said that it was a shame he couldn't find a high enough level cleric.
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We've all been affected by AIDS and today I am remembering my college friend Jack, who died 13 and a half years ago. He kept such a positive outlook on things and spent his final days in New Orleans after having earned an MFA in Set Design from Tulane. He kept living his life fully even though his health was failing him and I loved that about him. I miss him a lot.

I've also been looking after my good friend J., who lost his partner to AIDS a year ago today. He's been coping, but it has been so hard for him. I'm glad that I can be there for him and wish him more healing around this jagged hole in his life.

I've known a number of other people who have died of AIDS over the years, as well as celebrities whose work I have enjoyed. I'm thinking of them as well.
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Part documentary, part nature show, part reality show, and part soap opera, Meerkat Manor, narrated by Sean Astin, has been running on Animal Planet for three seasons. During this time, viewers have gotten to know the plucky Whiskers clan, so it hit me pretty hard when... Spoiler alert )
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This event disrupts the illusion of safety that we take with us to go to work every day. Who knew that being a professor was such hazardous work? I'm still deeply upset by this event and how the media has been portraying it. Drexel's President issued an email statement today expressing his condolences and reminding us that we actually have a procedure in place to deal with such tragedies. The page and a half document basically boils down to the following advice: If you can - Run, If you can't - Hide, If it looks like you can do it safely then - Call 911.
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This is the first anniversary of my cat Duncan's passing. I had adopted him from the Morris animal shelter soon after I moved back to Philly in 1996. They told me that he was about a year and a half old and had been left there by former owners who could no longer have cats for some reason. He was a gorgeous grey shorthair with white undermarkings and a grey spot under his chin that gave him a rakish appearance. He was a delicately shaped cat and loved me dearly. He and I were together for 9 years. He liked to keep cool by laying on bathtub tiles and he loved to drink from the faucet in the sink. He enjoyed pointing out bugs for me to deal with. The only human food he liked was boysenberry yogurt. He had a number of odd health issues and survived two operations for skin cancer before ultimately succumbing to kidney failure. I cried a lot that day. I had him cremated and buried his ashes under the lilac in my backyard on Midsummer's Day. He had no particular affinity for the lilac or the outdoors, but it made me feel good. The day that I picked up his remains was the day that I met my new cat Sawyer and 6 monthe later, my cat Chester. Circle of life. I miss my Duncan kitty and honor his memory.


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