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After an hour of battle, I managed to take down about 2/3rds of the climbing clematis vine that has been strangling my backyard. It filled up three garbage bags, and the bushes look much happier with all that weight off of them. I must have downed a half gallon of water afterwards to replace all the sweat I lost. Time to relax on the couch for awhile, and then I think a shower would be heavenly!


Jul. 29th, 2008 11:46 am
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Now that my summer course is done, I've decided to take a vacation. Actually, it will be mostly a "staycation," since I plan to spend much of it working on house projects and catching up on reading for fun and watching Dr Who, as well as visiting with family and friends. So far, I've gone to a birthday pool party, helped my brother take the kids to two kid birthday parties, seen Dark Knight (it was wonderful, but it did give me nightmares), played bridge, bought light sconces for the bathroom, mowed the lawn, noodled around on facebook, and played with the cats. I received a clean bill of health at my dental check up, and I got myself a haircut. My major house project will be finishing all the fine detail touch up painting in the upstairs bathroom. I do have a bit of work to do during my time off (final grades, getting pieces of a new grant together, writing some recommendation letters), but I can fit it in at my leisure. After lunch, I plan to do battle with the strangling clematis vine that is clinging to my lilac and butterfly bush. In the meantime, I am trying to remember what relaxing feels like.
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Today, i raked all the leaves that fell from the neighbor's sycamore tree and mowed the grass for (hopefully) the last time this year. I pulled up all the dead grass between the sidewalk steps in the front in preparation for snow shoveling. It's much easier to shovel when the sidewalk is smooth. I noticed that the killer vine that is rooted in the other neighbor's yard has gone to seed. I've mentioned it to them before, but it looks like we can both expect another war with that vine next year. There's more that I could do such as clear out some of the dead stems in the garden and prune back the azaleas, lilac, and butterfly bush, but I am simply too tired to do any more today. Gardening is hard work!


Jul. 21st, 2007 06:12 pm
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I did battle with the jungle growing in the backyard this afternoon. After mowing it into submission, I went to work on the strangling vines and in the process of removing them was stung by a wasp. Ouch! Fortunately, I am not allergic to them, but my wrist did swell up where I was stung. I took an antihistamine and decided that that was enough for today.

I had accidentally broken the cool tumbler with Japanese characters on it that I use as my cats' upstairs water dish, so I stopped by BloodBath&Beyond in order to see if I could find a replacement. Alas, the one they had in the equivalent style was much too small to serve as a water dish. Next stop is Linens&Things. The cats seem to be wondering why I've taken their beloved water away...

Did half an hour on the elliptical at the gym and felt tired but good about it. Then ran some errands with my gym buddy including stopping by Benjamin Moore paints to select a nice royal blue color for the trim in the bathroom (Note that I've been working on this bathroom since I moved in almost 4 years ago, so there is obviously no rush in my mind to complete it - however each step I take toward finishing it feels good to accomplish). I found several possibilities, so I took some paint chips home to see what it will look like under the actual lighting conditions of the bathroom. This may motivate me to finally remove the painter's tape that's been up for over 6 months :-)

On our way through Chestnut Hill, we noticed lots of kids and adults dressed up as wizards and a number of outdoor displays. It looked like everyone was having a lot of fun, so we smiled and waved as we drove by.

My dear friends P&L have loaned me their newly arrived copy of Harry Potter (since they are each in the midst of rereading the series and don't expect to be done htis week). Woo-hoo! I know what I'll be doing tonight!!!
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This is Day 3 of my 4 day vacation (yes, the weekends count). I caught up on sleep this morning and believe that I have finally shaken off the sinus malaise. I spent the day doing chores, surfing the net, playing Heroes of Might and Magic on the computer, reading comics, petting the cats, and in general relaxing. I mowed the lawn and fought the strangling vines (I think that it is called clematis) that are trying to choke the life out of my lilac and butterfly bush to a draw. It was beautiful outside! Now after taking out the trash, I'm watching a tape of the World Figure Skating Exhibition show, that I had never got around to viewing. I'm finally beginning to feel relaxed and recharged.
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As some of you may recall, last summer I had some friends come help me redo my backyard. We killed all the weeds, rototilled the soil, planted new grass, and lo and behold, I had an actual flat and grassy backyard that I could mow. Then my grass suffered the devastation of leaf rot:


Now I have a backyard that consists of patches of healthy grass, patches of bare fertile topsoil, and lots of different types of weeds. I went to a garden store and they recommended that I reseed with new grass, wait about 4 weeks, and then treat with a soil treatment like Turf Builder 2, which is supposed to prevent new weeds and kill existing weeds, but not grass. My friends D & E advised me to do the reverse. Kill the existing weeds with a chemical spray that is designed to preserve the grass (any recommends?), wait a week or so and then reseed with new grass. Apparently, weed killers and germination inhibitors are hard on young grass, so that whatever I do, I shouldn't treat the new grass until it's been above ground for about a month. Spring and Fall are the best times for planting grass seed. So which suggestion makes the most sense?
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I actually took two days off work this week and enjoyed a quick visit from [personal profile] moonpuppy61 (who I blame for bringing the snow on Wednesday on his way down from Boston :-) We went to the Flower Show and enjoyed it immensely. The theme this year was Ireland and my favorite display was the enormous entrance archway and wall covered with flowers. There was a recreation of an Irish cottage. There was a wishing tree and a faerie ring. There was a display of plants arranged to look like celtic knots. There was a cool display about the Alphabet of the Trees used by Druids featuring each symbol and the plant or tree that it represented. I didn't like the "When dinosaurs ruled Ireland" exhibit nor did I like the one with the lawn gnome leprechauns, not the one where everything was pink. We saw some lovely orchids and flower arrangements. I loved the intricate jewelry made from plants. Even though we went in the afternoon during the snowstorm, it was quite crowded and overstimulating. We could not get close enough to see the live Irish dance troupe and that was ok. We took a break and went to Chinatown for dinner and then returned to shop for a hanging plant for my bathroom. I settled on a hybrid fuschia called "Swingtime" that doesn't need much sun or water (so I have a small chance of keeping it alive).

I introduced [personal profile] moonpuppy61 to one of my favorite computer games, Heroes of Might and Magic III, which we played well into the night. Then on Thursday, [profile] puzzld1 brought new baby Eliza over to meet [personal profile] moonpuppy61 and my cats. She has grown even more cute over the last week! Baby Squeee!!! So this delightful break in my routine has finally succeeded in snapping me out of my funk from last week. I was able to go back to work on Friday to be very productive and to arrange the farewell party for my departing employee. I'm now actually looking forward to the start of teaching my class next week.
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Actually, I'm feeling much better following my unpleasant bout with food poisoning or whatever. It is my backyard that has been diagnosed with the dreaded LEAF ROT!!! My friends, D. and E. came down to look at it and noted that the grass blades in the shade had fungal spots on them, while the ones in the sun had all gone brown. They noticed that the roots still held firm and that there were some new green shoots, so they don't think it is too far gone. Apparently, leaf rot is most common in hot humid weather and it prefers healthy new grass (like in my yard) as opposed to crab grass (which is in most of my neighbors' yards). So this explains why my yard has turned brown and everyone else's is still green. E. recommended that I water the grass in the mornings and see what happens. In the worst case, we will reseed, but he thinks that it will recover with a little care. In the meantime, he identified a number of fast growing plants as weeds or tree saplings! and we worked hard at cutting them out (some had reached 6 feet in just 3 weeks). In thanks, I took them to lunch at the Italian place in Manayunk and then we walked around a bit and had dessert at Ben&Jerry's. I had a "Jamaican Me Crazy" which is a pineapple sorbet with passionfruit swirls. I asked for a chocolate cone, which gave the clerk pause until I explained that I was the sort who would dip pineapple into chocolate fondue :-)


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