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Best wishes for a happy and a healthy year filled with encounters with sexy SF media stars!!!
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Happy Birthday to my beloved [profile] puzzld1!!!


Oct. 21st, 2008 04:05 pm
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Meanwhile, my students arranged a small birthday party for me, with a delicious chocolate cake, cookies, and marshmallow ants (Peep-type, but tastier). All of this was served on High School Musical plates :-) Fortunately, no one was inspired to perform any songs from the show.

My mother sent me a birthday card from my cats that included coupons for cat food and litter :-)

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes! I deeply appreciate them.
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Happy Birthday to my beloved [profile] puzzld1!!!
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Happy Birthday to my good friend [personal profile] the_shoshanna! May the slash couple of your choice make out tonight in your dreams !-}
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In honor of my brother's 40th birthday, we went to NYC to see the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. We both enjoyed it. I thought the performances were good, especially Megan Mullally (Elizabeth), Andrea Martin (Frau Blucher), Fred Applegate (Inspector Kemp/Hermit), and Christopher Fitzgerald (Igor). Roger Bart (Dr. Frankenstein) tried to emulate Gene Wilder from the movie, and as such I felt his performance came off a bit restrained. Sutton Foster (Inga)'s understudy was performing for our Sat Matinee, and she was good, but not great. However, the scenery, lighting, and special effects were amazing and definitely worthy of Tony nominations. Unfortunately, the music was not memorable and the story was not too deep. Basically, they did a pretty faithful adaptation of the movie, and the movie wasn't that deep either. It just didn't work as well on stage. One of the best lines came at the end when the cast sang about wanting to perform Blazing Saddles next year (although I suspect that that show would not translate well either). Overall, I give it a B+ as a show, but as I said, we both had fun and were glad to have seen it.

We had taken the train up and had some time to walk around, so we stopped in Midtown Comics and Toys R Us (formerly FAO Schwartz). We ate lunch at a Subway on our way to the show and dinner at a nice upscale (but not pretentious) restaurant called Thalia on 8th at 50th. One of my friends recommended it and so did Rachel Ray (according to the clip on their website).


I had the prix fixe dinner of porcini encrusted tuna sashimi, roasted salmon, and carrot cake with cinnamon ice cream and a pear flavored cocktail. My less adventuresome brother had the shrimp cocktail and a beef fillet with a glass of red wine (shirrah/red zinfandel blend). Everything was delicious!!! The service was great and the atmosphere was just right. I would definitely eat there again.

On our way back to the train station, we bumped into one of my grad students on his way to see a show (when he should have been working on his prelims). I actually applauded his decision to take such a magnificent break. We got back to my brother's house and were glad to see that my sister-in-law had survived her day with the kids. The real present for my brother was for him to have a day away in order to relax and that worked just the way I had wanted.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ruthling, who shares the same birthday with my brother!
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In a few weeks, my brother and I are going to NYC to see the new musical production of Young Frankenstein on Broadway. This is in honor of his 40th birthday (He liked that I had seen a show for my 40th and wanted to do something similar). We are seeing a Sat matinee and I'd like to take him to a nice restaurant for dinner after the show. He's not too adventuresome when it comes to food, so I suspect that a nice American, Italian, or Chinese style place would be just fine for him. Does anyone have any restaurant recommends for a place we can walk to from the Theatre District?
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Happy Birthday to [profile] dwvanstone!!! It's great to find you on LJ!
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Wishing Happy Birthdays this week to the boys of November:

[personal profile] blueflamedfire

[profile] sean8718

[profile] bear_left

May your birthdays be filled with turkey and good cheer (rather than turkeys and bad beer :-)


Feb. 3rd, 2006 05:30 pm
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Well, my first grant is done and in the mail to NIH and I'm hard at work on my second one, due in two weeks. I just came from a late Friday meeting where I was specifically invited by my Dept Chair about doing another one soon. The funding crunch is really causing a panic amongst us academics! I have many exam essays to start grading this weekend, and I was able to bring in my laptop to have work fix my broken dial up connection so I can keep working this weekend. Yay?!?

My cat is being worrisome - he has lost some weight (he's a small cat to begin with so it's particularly noticeable) and has not eaten for a few days. I've begun treating him for his UTI, so hopefully the drugs will help him get back on his feed soon. He has been interactive with me, but it's clear he doesn't feel well. Poor kitty.

The high point of the week was my Beloved taking me out for my birthday dinner at Pod (postponed because of my Oct surgery) which also celebrated my grant submission Everything we had was delicious!!! The decor was very modern/futuristic with plastic tables, colored lighting, and a motorized food belt on the sushi bar. We had mint flavored saki and vanilla vodka with lychee and ginger drinks. We had wonderful chicken and shrimp eggrolls with excellent dipping sauces and a hot wild mushroom platter for appetizers. We had sushi that had been dipped in tempura sauce, which turned out to be excellent. Then we had game hen with potatoes and edamame and slices of duck with raspberry sauce and mashed blue potatoes. Then for dessert, we had a chocolate mousse napoleon with carmelized bananas. Yum!!! Thanks again, Hon!


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