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Had a lovely Thanksgiving at my brother's with my parents and nephews. My sister-in-law made a wonderful meal and my father did his best to be mindful about their conflicting dining and parenting customs. The high point of the day for me was sharing My Neighbor Totoro with my nephews. This is one of my favorite anime films and they were entranced. My older nephew commented that Totoro spirits could be both scary and nice. He wanted to know what the Catbus did with all of its legs. They were both worried about little Mei getting lost and very happy to know that it turned out well. They asked if I would leave the DVD with them so they could watch it again! Of course, I said yes (melt :-)
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I got up early filled with great plans to accomplish a lot of work and chores, and I just couldn't bring myself to do much of it. I did what I had to get done, then I've spent the day reading my book, playing a computer game, putzing around on the computer, and feeling restless. I finally decided to watch the Studio Ghibli animated DVD Whisper of the Heart. It's about a girl who doesn't think she is good enough to be a writer and who falls in love with a boy who doesn't think he is good enough to be a violin maker. It's corny, sentimental, and contrived. It's also charming, romantic, inspiring, and just what I needed to see tonight. This one was written by Miyazaki, but not directed by him, and is one of the "Baron" stories. If you see it, be sure to watch what's going on during the end credits (and brace yourself for more renditions of "Take me home, country roads" than anyone should be forced to hear).


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